The beginnings of Nord Arin start in 1920

Nord Arin was founded in 1920, its history is being characterized by a deep knowledge of wood taught from father to son, which is continuing its jurney with great passion.

Starting with the cut

Starting from cutting the trunk, each phase is performed with care. Our goal is total customer satisfaction, but also the firm respect of the environment and nature through the correct and responsible use of forest products. Aware that wood is a precious commodity, at Nordarin we reuse all waste to produce heat and winter heating.

The range of products presented to customers is constantly changing both due to the requirements of interior design and the need to satisfy the wishes of the company’s customers.

Our vision is to reach the top 10 furniture companies in Europe, being preferred and recognized for innovation, promoter of comfort, simplicity and elegance, inspired by the power and vivid spirit of wood from which our products are made.